Timesbold is a band of five or six people from vastly different backgrounds, musically and otherwise...
The members of the band do not live in a house together making songs up all day.
The members of the band do not like the same music.
The members of the band do not live in the same city; some do not even live within 3000 miles of one another.
When not making records or touring, they rarely even speak to each other.
They don’t dress alike, walk alike, act alike nor do they think alike.

But, as it goes in this world of music, they have been through a lot together, and they love each other very much.

This is not your typical band.

These people come together in the spirit of this inherent conflict to breathe life into songs that become Timesbold songs, and have been doing so with an unlikely bliss since the turn of the century.

The current members of Timesbold are lead-vocalist/lyricist Jason Merritt (a.k.a. Whip) and multi-instrumentalists Tony San Marco, Tony "Levon" Leva, Jesse Sparhawk, Ryan Smith and Max Avery Lichtenstein (who also handles production duties). The list of members past & guest participants is long and amusing.

This is the truth of this band, and if it’s information you that require, dear reader, ask the police.