Once We Were...

Once We Were…

format: compact disc, digital

featured members by track:

track 1: dan, max, jason & jesse special guest: greg weeks

track 2. max, jason & tony special guest: justin russo

track 3. max & jason special guest: annette kudrak

track 4. max, jason & tony special guests: reno bo, bruce lasusa, justin russo

track 5. dan, max, jason & gabe

recorded, mixed and produced by max avery lichtenstein

words by whip, music by timesbold... except "call to faith" by hesikia jhonas
published by departure music (ascap)

designed from a photo by regan@xed-out.com

for eli, who are who we is now

released on may 13th, 2004 by TIN DRUM RECORDINGS


1. watercolor (remixed)
2. evil minor
3. serenity
4. call to faith
5. longtime man
(live in studio)


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