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format: compact disc, digital

featured members:
dan goebel
max lichtenstein
jason merritt
tony san marco
gabriel walsh

produced by max lichtenstein & whip
recorded by max @ tin drum studios

words by whip | music by timesbold
published by departure music [ascap]

released by ZEALRECORDS (benelux & france) march 2002, GLITTERHOUSE (germany & eastern europe) january 2003, TRUST ME RECORDS (remaining european areas & japan) march 2003, and BLUESANCT (usa) april 2003

TIN DRUM RECORDINGS released the digital version in the fall of 2005


1. gin i win
2. sewn in seams
3. sing
4. ee cummings
5. house demands
6. water barer
7. word
8. some awful men
9. knife attack
10. it's been a fine time...
11. van gogh
unlisted track: george collins